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The Eighth Wonder of the World

Hydroponic Green House SetupIf you haven't been to the Eden Project in the UK or Epcot at Disney World, Orlando than you haven't had the opportunity to glimpse into the future of gardening. As one of the fastest growing hobbies in the world, gardening with water dates back as far as the Hanging Gardens of Babylon (562 BC), one of the Seven Wonders of the World. As a significant advance for the future, the environment and generations to come, hydro-gardening is practiced in space by Nasa, The International Space Station and here on earth as a life saving tool for the scientists in the Ant-artic, Los Alamos and research institutions world wide. Since water is destined to become the oil of the future, the conservation value of water recycling gardening practices, not to mention Aquaponics in which fish are also raised, and the life saving benefits of modern horticultural science are undeniable.

Hydroponic Green House SetupWith a planet in environmental decline, the relatively recent trend in organic gardening practices is key to the ongoing survival of all living organisms on our fragile planet, including ourselves. According to one leading manufacturer of certified organic fertilizers from Holland, chemical fertilizers not only kill all life in soil, but run off into the water table also kills and mutates fish, algae and coral reefs. The trickle down effect of residuals from these chemicals that wind up in our food and negatively impact our immune systems, also threaten all flora and fauna, many of which are on the verge of extinction and in danger of upsetting the entire food chain. We subsequently advise our clients that to use chemical fertilizers in soil as a quick fix, soil that is teaming with beneficial micro organisms, will be rendered totally useless. Most conventional fertilizers are laced with toxic sewage sludge and soot from smoke stack scrubbers. Be wary of misleading labeling such as "organic based" since these are the additives in commercially available potting soils that are considered "organic." There are innumerable certified organic alternatives now available to the modern day gardener, including beneficial insects for pest control. As for water gardening, most drip and flood & drain systems can now be run with the advent of newer certified hydro organic nutrients. Specialty fertilizers for aeroponic systems, which require highly soluble nutrients, come from only pure pharmaceutical grade sources which are almost entirely absorbed by the plant.

Hydroponic Green House SetupThe debate on whether soil grown plants are superior to water grown produce is ongoing but primarily regards flavor. The evidence is quite clear that water grown plants yield at twice the rate as soil grown plants due to the fact that the root systems don't have to search for what they require in what is a fairly simple but exacting science. However intimidating hydro gardening may seem, it is no more complicated than mixing a drink. A small greenhouse with water grown plants can provide twice the amount of food and in a world where our food supply is threatened by terrorism, contamination, global warming and water shortages, the benefits are irrefutable. Therefore to assist with the process of learning how to become one of the growing number of modern home gardeners we have provided links to useful knowledge bases, are happy to advise you in any way we can and welcome you to the wonderful world of space age gardening.

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